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If you have ever watched the porn movies from the US before, you probably would know Sunny Leone. She was born in Ontario in 1981 and she is an Indo-Canadian porn actress. Apart from this, she is also a model and also businesswoman. Even though she is a porn film actress, she also has other businesses apart from the porn movie industry.

Father Sunny Leone was raised in Delhi and born in Tibet. Her mother came from the small town called Nahan in Himachal Pradesh. She did get the chance to act in adult films after a stint in a photo shoot for Penthouse in 2001. She was given the chance to act in the photo shoot through an agent. In 2003, she won the award of Pet of the Year and she had actually played some roles in the mainstream TV shows and also films apart from the porn ones.

According to Sunny Leone, she had the first kiss when she was about 11 and she lost virginity to a basketball player from another school at the age of 16. When she was 18, she discovered that she was bisexual. She finished her high school in the year of 1999 and was enrolled in college later on. She has also worked as a nurse prior to getting into the adult industry. After starring in the photo shoot for Penthouse, Sunny Leone immediately was offered a contract with porn majors, Vivid Entertainment. She did not think twice before signing for Vivid in 2001 and it marked the entry into porn.

Many years later after her study, Sunny Leone entered the porn movie industry. However, the late entry did not imply that she was not devoid of chances. Her perfect body shape and quality acting skills attracted a lot of people and she still attracts a lot of fans aged 29.